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    Trevor DeVore

    David - do you want the manual/chapter to always sort articles alphabetically or would a menu option that performed a one-time sort of the manual/chapter be sufficient? Also, what type of content are you creating that needs to be sorted alphabetically? Is it a glossary?

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    David Miller

    Hi Trevor,

    I think the one time sort option would work best, as not everyone will want their chapters and such snapped into place without any input. I think any auto option thats sorts as you create would best sit as a global option that can be turned on/off. Another option to consider might be incorporation of a simple grid/column behaviour on chapters where clicking the title header sorts ascending/descending or by date created etc..

    So the section that springs to mind on the back of this request is a manual we have in our instance named Products, it slightly smooths the path for our analysts if the product they are looking for help on is listed Alphabetically.



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