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    Trevor DeVore

    @Lisa - we have discussed this internally at length. One of the issues with linking to instructions in a workflow article has to do with which decisions were made leading up to that particular instruction. As you know, in a Workflow article the answers you select appear in a list above the current instructions you are reading. When linking to specific instructions the system cannot always determine which answers were selected.

    Question – How important is the trail of previous answers leading up to the instructions in your situation?

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    Lisa Kuder

    We would like to have support agents be able to link to instructions, but not have those links be obvious to customers. Kind of link foldable sections are now. We can right-click the section and send a link to the customer, but the header doesn't show up in the jump list. That way, a customer will be "forced" to go through the workflow if they are looking at it on their own, but if they can't find something or didn't look at the article and contact support, support can send them a link right to the instructions rather than either telling them to go through the workflow or giving them a path to the instructions they want (which is what they are doing now). 

    The trail of information is important if the person is using it to help make their decisions about which path to take, but if they are interacting with support without reading the article, the agent will usually know which path they need to take and it would be more effective to be able to point them right to the instructions.

    I don't think it matters if there are multiple paths in the article that can lead up to the section that the link points to, in the case of the agent sending a link to the customer. They will follow whichever is the correct path, and that's what the customer will see. 

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