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    Trevor DeVore

    Nested checklists is something we are planning on supporting. It does create a bit of a question as to what constitutes "done". I believe that was one of the reasons we didn't support it out of the gate.

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    Nicholas Peebles

    Hi Trevor,


    Yes, i am aware of this issue, i have been thinking over the past few days. My understanding would be for a "done" complete status to show up inside each level of indentation. not sure if thats really possible though

    For example,

    1.0 checklist 1

    --1.1 checklist embedded 1

    --1.2 checklist embedded 2

    --1.3 checklist embedded 3

    --1.4 checklist embedded 4

    -- DONE!

    2.0 Checklist item 2

    if that is not the case it might be such that the internal checklists are auto completed when the higher level one is. and vice versa. completion of the internal checklist completes the external checklist item.


    I look forward to seeing how your development team handles things. 

    Thank you for considering this addition. 

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