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    Trevor DeVore


    I agree that it would be useful to be able to assign your own shortcut keys.

    In the meantime, I don't know if we have documented it but CTRL + SHIFT + = will bring up a menu to insert content blocks on Windows (CMD + SHIFT + = on macOS). On Windows you can then use the arrow keys to select the content type to insert. On macOS you can type the first letter of the content block label in the menu.

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    Nicholas Peebles

    Hi Trevor,


    Thanks for the tip! I spent about 2 hours yesterday writing up a list of every hot-key i could find into a ScreenSteps article so that the office would have an easy list of them available to them based on what platform they were using to make edits (web based or desktop based).

    I did notice this hot-key but at the time had no idea there was arrow key functionality. I will certainly be adding this into my list of useful hot-keys today and employing its use personally moving forward. Whilst this is not the most effective fix to my issue, it certainly aids me. Being able to keep my hands on the keyboard will help a lot with regards to getting things written concisely. My mind always wanders when my hand leaves the keyboard.

    That being said, I would still love to see a method of adding custom key binds to ScreenSteps, even just a macro system similar to Excel's would work well. Potentially somebody could write an external program that can provide macro functionality. I am very sure they exist already, maybe even "Mouse keys" would be sufficient if you set things up right. Ill have to look into that once i have time.

    I will be sure to let you know if i manage to find a more efficient work around to my problem.

    Thank you for the quick and prompt reply. I very much appreciate your commitment.

    Kind regards,


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    You spell things just perfectly, you just say them funny.

    This is a great request and well done the DeVores for cooking up the "undocumented feature" **ahem** in such a short time.

    Might be a fun project for an intern to add it to the documentation...

    Russ (in Sydney on the West Island.)

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    Nicholas Peebles

    Hi there,

    I hope everyone has had a good Easter break.

    I took the liberty of creating a macro that piggybacks off the the Ctrl + Shift + = hotkey that Trevor pointed out to me. It was rather simple in the large scheme of things. I downloaded a program called "AutoHotkey" which allows you to write scripts to instruct your computer to do things.

    I compiled a basic script that pushes Ctrl + Shift + = then pushes down 2 times and hits enter which creates the new paragraph. It is currently setup to execute when i press Ctrl + P which is not used for anything else currently, as far as i am aware.

    The code is as follows. 

    Send, {Ctrl down}{Shift down}=
    Sleep, 100
    Send, {Ctrl up}{Shift up}
    Sleep, 50
    Send, {Down down}{Down up}
    Sleep, 50
    Send, {Down down}{Down up}
    Sleep, 50
    Send, {Enter}

    It is very simple, but it works. If you download AutoHotkey and make a new script, just paste that into the space below what is already there, save it and run it then when you are using the ScreenSteps app you can just press Ctrl + P to make a new paragraph. 

    To those of you who want to use this code but change the hotkey, all you need to do is change the first line to whatever hotkey you want followed by "::" without the quotation marks. The auto hotkeys help menu has a section on hotkeys and the special symbols used for each. it can be found under the tutorial tab about 1/5th of the way down the page.

    as some of you may have already figured out, ^ means Ctrl. so ^p means Ctrl + p. Be careful with capitals however. ^P would make the hot key Ctrl + p + Shift. it adds the shift to make the lowercase p an uppercase P.

    Problem solved =)

    it currently takes about a quarter of a second to run through the entire code and make the paragraph, if you fiddled with the times you could make that more efficient but i think for the most part that works a charm.

    Still looking forward to seeing the official implementation of this feature when and where we can get it, but i am very content using this work around for as long as i need too.

    Hopefully, this can take the pressure off you guys as well, i am sure you have many feature requests and limited resources. one less to worry about right now.

    Thanks again

    Cheers for the comment Russ, hope my little work around can help you out.


    Kind regards,


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    Gees, Nick, what are you trying to do to us?  

    Once the Brothers DeVore discover this they'll stop development altogether.  They'll just issue a bunch of hot-key scripts every six months and we'll have to do all the work ourselves.  

    Wait - shhhh! Look, you can see it happening already, their mighty network of development servers shut down, not a blinking light to be seen anywhere. And over there near the door, they're strapping on their mountain climbing boots, ropes over the shoulder, pitons jangling, heading for the Tetons.

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    Nicholas Peebles

    Oh no!


    What have i done!!


    at least it was fun haha.

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