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    Trevor DeVore


    We are doing some work in the outline view right now so I'm looking at this. Here is what I'm seeing:

    Inserting Heading

    If I insert a Heading content block after the collapsed heading node you describe then the new heading is inserted as a sibling. This is behaving as intended.

    Inserting Non-Heading

    If I insert a non-heading content block after the collapsed heading node then I get the behavior you describe - the new content block is inserted as the first child of the selected heading node.

    This is the undesirable behavior. My question is whether the new content should be inserted as a sibling of the collapsed heading node (the way a heading currently is) or as the last child of the collapsed heading node (what you seem to be describing)? Thoughts?

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    Trevor - I sent this response by email but I am not sure you got it, (I'm not even sure it went) so here it is again..

    I believe the intuitive solution is to work with what we can see. Therefore, the new content should be created under the collapsed parent as a sibling.  We should leave the instantiation of things inside closed boxes to Penn and Teller.

    If you make it a child, you have to open the collapsed subtree to show the author where it went.  Much neater and more intuitive if the content is appended after the thing the author clicked on. They can always drag it to where they really wanted it.


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