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    Tiffany Stull

    Actually, I'd prefer an option to be able to add our own custom Statuses (type one in a box in account settings).

    I feel existing statuses are not always sufficient for describing the status of articles we need to work on.  For example:

    Needs Update may apply to any of the following:

    • Articles that include screen shots from an older version of our software and just need new screen shots.
    • Articles that need text revisions only.
    • Articles that have been reviewed and now need changes before they are published.

    Needs Review may apply to either:

    1. Articles needing initial review.
    2. Articles that have already been reviewed by one person but now need re-review following revisions made based on their notes.

    Having the same status for #1 and 2 above can lead to duplication of work if someone already reviewed an article and recommended revisions but someone else is working on reviewing articles that day and finds the article needing re-review in their search.

    We also create Help articles and save them as drafts in advance of new features/changes being made to our system.  But without opening each article and reviewing it, it's hard to tell which draft articles are awaiting a new feature vs. which have been approved and should be published immediately.

    I would like some statuses similar to the following:

    • Needs Screen Shots
    • Needs Text Revisions
    • Approved - Hold
    • Reviewed - Needs Update
    • Needs Re-Review by [selected user]
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