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    Tiffany Stull

    We have been experiencing some cases recently where images are really needed inline with text, in order to make the content of the article accessible/understandable to all users.

    The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a good way to make a step easily understandable for both a screen reader and sighted user, when the alternative text on an icon in our system is long and complex.

    Including the icons as images inline with the text would allow the alternative text to be available to a screen reader user while not having the alternative text visible in the textual content to confuse someone who can see the icon.

    The Google Chrome instructions for setting a startup page provide an approximate example of what I'd like to do. If you expand the section "Have a new tab open", note that the "More" button is shown inline with the text. It has alternative text of "More" on it, then there is an arrow icon pointing to the right with the alternative text of "and then" to describe what "[three dots icon] > Settings" means for someone who can't see it.

    Currently, there are only two ways to obtain or roughly approximate the desired behavior in ScreenSteps:

    1. Insert all step content as an HTML block, which makes editing more difficult in the Desktop editor because there's no preview for HTML blocks in the Desktop editor.  Using HTML blocks is also problematic for content editors who are not proficient in HTML.
    2. Include the alternative text of the icon in our system as text within the step, e.g. "Select the down arrow icon (Open menu for [item title] column.), then Edit Item Details."

    Option #2 can be confusing to a visual user who sees the icon but isn't currently selecting the icon in our system in another window to see the accompanying display of "Open menu for [item title] column."

    This WYSIWYG editor does not allow me to adequately present what I'd like to do, but in my example step below, the icon pictured would have alternative text of "(Open menu for [item title] column.)"  Ideally, I would also be able to add a title to the image that includes the same text. That way, the icon included in the article would be approximate the behavior of the icon in our system, and the alternative text would not be confusing to someone who can see all the content.

    Select the down arrow icon, then Edit Item Details.

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