Ability to subscribe to a manual and receive email notifications of updates



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    The ability for the ScreenSteps admin to subscribe people to lessons/manuals (and users not able to revoke). As an example, we want each of our users to be subscribed to the Employee Manual. As the manual is updated, everyone is notified.

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    Larry Deckel and Scott Geller

    I think users have to be able to revoke.  You can't force email on people - its against anti-spam laws.  

    But I agree that being able to administratively initially subscribe people would be helpful.

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    Rob Caldwell

    I must say that  am very surpirsed that the feature to be notified of updates only applies to authors.  Up until now, we assumed that our people were being notified of updates.  We are very disappointed to know that this does not happen.  This should not be a spam issues since people are subscribing to the site and we are telling them they will receive automatic updates when content is edited ot updated.  But we were ignorant as we assumed it was already happening.

    To be honest, we will begin looking for another platform to host our Knowledge Base if we cannot have this feature here.  It is just too important to us to have it and it makes all of our efforts meaningless.  If there any plans to include this in the next month or so, please let us know.  We desperately need this.

    Rob Caldwell

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