Concat permalink and host mapping for uniqueness

Not planned



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    Greg DeVore

    Stefan -

    Actually the host mapping has to be unique. That is the key we use to look up the space when the request comes in. If two spaces had the same host mapping we wouldn't know which one to show to the end user.


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    Stefan Csomor

    Greg - 

    thanks for the speedy response, I see that this is the way it is handled now, I suggested to pick the first part of the path as permalink, as option, so eg that I could add as entry in host mapping. So would be resolved via dns and the first level of the path 'ac' would be taken into account as well - if entered, if the hostmapping would just contain the name, then everything would remain as today.

    Just to better explain, what I had in mind. No showstopper for me :-)



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